Welcome to the Spotlight!

Here you can submit your program (or refer a friend’s) which demonstrates your or their knowledge of programming in any area of choice. These programs will generally be side projects and fulfill some purpose, be it entertainment, convenience, or simply to show off your skills!

  • The programs will be primarily scored based on their creativity and good code design and implementation.

The rules are simple:

  • Code must be submitted for the current Spotlight (see Submission tab)
  • Code must be accessible on some online repository (such as GitHub)
  • Project should generally not be an assigned school project (so no 121 Minesweepers, guys!)
  • You can use any coding language with almost any software for your project (Java, Angular, Visual Studio, etc)

That’s basically it. The prize will be a $25 Amazon gift card, but more importantly, you will be put down in the Hall of Fame as a spotlight winner for your peers and companies alike to see. And remember: even if you don’t win, a good program will always make it for honorable mention. So make sure to get your submission in!

Current Spotlight submission: October/November 2016.

Name of Nominee (Please note if this is you or someone else)

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Please give us a good contact number for you or the nominee. If you are the nominee, please provide your best contact number.

What is the nature of this work?

What makes this work exemplary? Why do you feel it deserves recognition?

2015-2016 Winners

February 2016

Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Nguyen for winning this month’s spotlight! Mr. Nguyen’s project is a personal web application that is designed to solve the problem of what songs are going to be played at a party/event/car ride. Only the device connected to the sound system needs spotify, all other users just need a login code.
A login code can be custom and unique by generating one on the website. All song additions are live and instantly added to the playlist queue by any user with the login code. Find it at 
spotiplaylist.herokuapp.com or check out his repositpory at  github.com/kevinj97/SpotiPlaylist.

The Texas A&M Computing Society Departmental Spotlight is a monthly showcase on exemplary student work: research, side projects, cool internships, and anything else you want to share with the world. Computer science & computer engineering majors of all levels (undergraduate and graduate) are eligible. Find the application here, or on the ‘Spotlight Application’ tab. Apply by April 5th for the March Spotlight.

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